What We Offer

What We Offer

From the simplest of websites to the most complex web application development, we're a one-stop shop, and we achieve our productivity and efficiency at a reduced cost by leveraging a Microsoft-based ecosystem:

DotNetNuke, the wildly successful open source content management system

ASP.NET, Microsoft's extremely popular programming framework

Windows Server/IIS, Microsoft's standard for hosting web sites and applications

SQL Server, Microsoft's premier database development and management system

Rackspace, a leading web server hosting and networking provider

IMail Server, another leader in email systems and services

With a plethora of knowledge and experience to effectively combine all of these resources together, we offer professional, world-class web content and application development, web hosting and email services. And we do this without charging a three-digit hourly rate!

Let's Get Started!

If you're looking to build a new site (or, perhaps, rebuild an existing site), you'll generally want to follow these steps which highlight The Huelsman Way process:

1Assess Your Needs

Do you need a simple "brochure site"? Perhaps a more complex site with lots of functionality? Some custom programming perhaps? Think about what you need, try to separate those needs into groups of pages and develop a simple site map. Read More

2Select a Design

The graphic design (or "skin") of your website determines it's visual look and feel, and needs to work across all devices (desktops, tablets and phones). We provide variations of its own skin for free, but there are many others to choose from. Read More

3Generate Assets

Websites need assets, from your organization's logo to paragraphs of text to graphic images to associated business documents (typically PDFs). Gather what assets you can, and if you need additional help, we can develop assets as well. Read More

4Develop the Site

This is generally where we come in. As site development experts, we'll configure a shared instance of DotNetNuke to incorporate your "portal," configure your chosen skin, add your site assets and develop your site quickly and efficiently. Read More

5Add Functionality

Often, organizations need more than just content. From integrated newsletters to document libraries to image sliders to e-commerce, we can provide additional functionality to your content (even if it must be developed from scratch). Read More

6Maintain the Site

The new site is complete, but many skip the most important step--ongoing maintenance. Be sure to review your site often, ask us to update it when needed (or do the updates yourself) and look for ways to augment and improve your site over time. Read More