Design Selection

Your Site Needs a Skin

Every website needs structure, a graphic design (or template) that defines where standardized website elements should go, such as the header, navigation panel, content areas and footer. The DotNetNuke content management system handles this structure via the concept of "skins" which provide not just the site structure but the overall graphic (visual) look and feel.

The "Skinny" On Skins

In the past, finding a skin was fairly straight-forward; it was purchased (typically from the DNN Store), installed and configured to run on desktop computers. Today, however, tablets and smart phones are just as prevelant as desktops, so skins have become much more sophisticated. Ideally, skins should be "responsive" so the same skin looks great regardless of what device it's being viewed on.

Keeping Skins "Simple"

Until very recently, finding a skin that was responsive, elegant and capable required a lot of review, trial and error. Fortunately, the "Simple" skin was released in December 2013 (by a vendor called BestDNNSkins) that, for most organizations, should easily meet their graphic design needs. The skin has a LOT going for it:

Fully Responsive - Uses the latest Bootstrap 3 framework so the skin look GREAT in all devices

8 Themes to Choose From - BlueViolet, Chocolate, DodgerBlue, LightSeaGreen, LimeGreen, Scarlet, SlateGray and SteelBlue

TONS of Options - The skin can display various backgrounds, menu systems, image sliders, font icons and much, much more

Site Examples - We've installed the skin to test for yourself. You can also learn more at the DNN Store Vendor page as well

Free to Our Clients - Best of all, the skin is FREE to all Huelsman Way clients! We like the skin so much we've purchased an enterprise license to use it in all our DNN portals

Not the Skin You're Looking For?

Of course, you don't have to select the "Simple" skin; it's available for free but it's not required. Ultimately, Huelsman Way clients can select any skin they wish; let us know which one you want and we'll purchase, install and configure it for you (although the price of the skin will be billed for). Contact Us if you have any questions regarding DNN skins!