Site Development

Building Your Website

You've assessed your business needs online, determined the scope of your new site, selected a skin and developed or arranged to have your site assets completed. Now it's time to actually build the site!

This is generally where we come in. As site development experts, we'll configure a shared instance of DotNetNuke to incorporate your "portal," configure your chosen skin, add your site assets and develop your site quickly and efficiently:

1Create Your Portal

First, we'll add a new "portal" (website) to our DotNetNuke 7 instance, which allows us to leverage and share resources across all client websites. Your site will still get its own unique address (URL) and will look, function and behave like an entirely separate site. But under the hood it will be wired to the same engine as most other Huelsman Way sites.

2Configure Email

Once your domain resolves to our web server, we can establish your own email address if you desire one. Having an email address that matches your domain name helps bring legitimacy to your account and will allow you to take advantage of our fully-configured IMail mail server as well. Of course, we can simply forward mail to an established account as well.

3Install Your Skin

The next step is to install and configure your chosen skin. If you've elected to go with our "Simple" skin, that is easily configured and typically takes just an hour or so (if you elected to acquire your own skin, installation, implementation and set-up typically takes more time). Note that existing sites can be fairly easily "re-skinned" when desired too.

4Build Site Structure

Once the skin is in place, we'll develop the site structure previously defined in a site map, adding individual pages to the portal (which automatically builds the site's menuing system in DotNetNuke). Such development provides for quick navigation through the site and helps ensure that development is on the right track.

5Enter Content

Certainly the most time-consuming element of the process, we'll take your site content, develop the needed HTML to drive each page and integrate that content with your various assets (graphics, documents, links, etc.). We'll also install and configure any requested modules for those sites needing extra functionality and implement custom work where needed.

6Review & Complete

We will regularly communicate our progress throughout the process. Once all the pages are developed, however, we'll invite your final review and feedback; you'll be encouraged to browse each and every page, and we'll correct any deficiencies you have with the site. Upon your final approval, we'll then consider the project complete (though you can always request changes!).