Site Functionality

Going Beyond Text and Graphics

While DotNetNuke sites certainly need text, graphics, documents, links and other basic assets, the REAL power of DNN lies in the ease of installing and configuring thousands of "modules" that provide added function and capabilities to the system. If you can conceive a particular business need or process beyond text/artwork for a page, odds are someone has already developed a module for it.

Three general categories of modules exist for DNN:

Installed modules come, well, pre-installed with DotNetNuke, and hence are available to all portals (websites). These modules are summarized as follows:

  • Account Login - Enables registered users to log in to a site using their login credentials.
  • Add New User - Enables authorized users to create new user accounts.
  • Banners - Displays vendor banner advertising.
  • Console - Displays a list of links to the child pages below any parent pages.
  • Document Library - Enables users to manage and share documents in a flexible, intelligent way.
  • Journal - Allows registered users to write journal entries that can be viewed by all or some site users.
  • Member Directory - Allows users to view a list of registered site members and perform searches for particular members.
  • Message Center - Enables registered users to send messages to and receive messages from other site members and Administrators.
  • My Modules - Displays a list of the modules that the current user is authorized to edit.
  • Search Results - Allows users to perform a search and view the search results.
  • Social Groups - Allows authorized users to browse, view, create and join social groups.
  • Users and Roles - Allows authorized users to add users to the site, add and manage existing site users and add and manage security roles.
  • View Profile - Enables users to manage their user credentials, password, profile and subscriptions to services.

Project modules do NOT come pre-installed with DotNetNuke, but are freely available online via the DNN Extensions Forge website. Many of these modules have already been downloaded and installed into The Huelsman Way DNN 7 instance, and we can easily install and make available any other project modules desired by our clients:

  • Announcements - Displays a list of announcements, each including a title and a rich text description.
  • Blog - Consists of nine integrated modules that enable authorized users to create and manage one or more blogs (Web blog).
  • Documents - Displays a list of documents that can be set as downloadable.
  • Events - Displays a list of upcoming events that can be displayed in chronological order as list or in a monthly or weekly calendar.
  • FAQs - Enables authorized users to manage a list of questions and corresponding answers.
  • Feedback - Allows users to send messages to the site Administrator (Contact Us functionality).
  • Form and List - Enables the creation of a simple list of repetitive data or a form that can be populated with data and submitted.
  • Forum - Manages multiple discussion groups and forums. Each forum post includes a subject title and content.
  • Gallery - Manages multiple media formats. Media files can be categorized into albums and displayed in different views including a slideshow.
  • IFrame - Displays content from your website or another website within a frame inside a page.
  • Links - Displays a list of links to any URL, site page, site file or user profile by utilizing the functionality of the Link Control.
  • Media - Displays a single media file that can be either an image, movie or sound file.
  • News Feeds - Displays a summary list of news feeds from one or more sources.
  • Reports - Displays the results of an SQL query to the database of the site.
  • Repository - Stores and displays a range of items. The type of items stored is controlled through the skin which is applied to the module.
  • Repository Dashboard - Can be configured to function as a category list menu, or can display the Latest Upload, Top Downloads, or Top Rated items for the selected Repository module.
  • Store - Consists of five integrated modules which are used together to create an online shopping experience.
  • Survey - Displays a survey consisting of one or more survey questions.
  • Users Online - Displays information and statistics regarding registered users who have been online recently.
  • Wiki - Enables authorized users to create and manage a Wiki website.
  • XML - Displays the result of an XML/XSL transform by combining the transformation language of XSL to the data contained in an XML file.

Third-party modules are developed by professionals outside of the DotNetNuke organization, and hence are generally not free. However, these modules are often extremely powerful, far eclipsing the base functionality provided by DNN. The Huelsman Way regularly invests in these modules, and once added to the DNN 7 instance those modules typically become available to all clients. A wide diversity of professional modules are available for purchase at the DNN Store.

OnyakTech Modules Acquisition!

The Huelsman Way recently invested in a series of professional modules from OnyakTech, a leader in DNN module development. Through the associated licensing agreement, we can now make use of any OnyakTech module available (see list of modules for complete details). If you're a client of The Huelsman Way and you'd like to make use of one of these modules, Contact Us and we'll get you set up!